Audio Fidelity is the result of plus 30 years of experience in the HiFi and ProAudio industry.


We have accumulated more than 30 years of practical experience and acquired knowledge in import / export, design & production and sales of hifi. On top of that we can add design and sale of proaudio installations to venues and theaters - all in the name of music.


Our believe is that there is a clear need for businesses with a high set of values. We have started Audio Fidelity as a response to the terms and conditions offered to customers interested in music reproduction of high quality. The terms &v conditions can be much better.


Audio Fidelity deals with long lasting products where the manufactures only launch new products when there are demonstrably audible improvements. Improvements that enhance product characteristics and convey an even better musical experience.


Not only do we resell but also have our own import of equipment, we also offer help with import of items you may have found abroad or items you just have on your wish list.


Another activity is the acquisition of older items, also named vintage. We restore them to the past standard and in some cases give them a boost because it pays off. Why is that? Well, there are equiptment out there that can still compete and beat newer consumer gear. As a new hifi / music enthusiasts, it's a much better way to start to buy such equiptment rather than buying “supermarket” hifi. These are products that are almost always on sale or reduced and where sellers promote them with terms like “direct to you”, “save 50%” and “no wholesellers”.


Our focus is on products in the upper part of the middle price range and up - but it has to make sense - and there is an upper limit to what it can and must cost. An important criterion for our choice of manufacturers is a regular relationship between price, building and sound quality. And it also do matter that aesthetics (subjective) also has a priority. Most brands we deal with are typical reference and or "best buy" in their respective categories.

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